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Enterprise Sales in Startups - The 5 skills you need to get your first results (TODAY)

If you're a founder of B2B company you know that enterprise sales in startups can be frustrating, exhausting and extremely time consuming. Flo Eberhardt is a founder himself and has coached many founders about how to get started.

We at Playbook create a Micro-Learning course with Florian where he shared his knowledge. To watch the full course for free download Playbook here.

In his Playbook Florian talks about the 5 main skills you need to acquire as a startup founder to kickstart your sales.

1. Think more customer centric

Many people still think that sales means manipulating the customer to buy your product. But this is wrong. Try to understand the customer and how you as a company or sales person can deliver value. This is the foundation of modern enterprise sales in startups.

2. Focus on the problem

Before you start any sales conversation ask yourself: "What is the problem my potential customer has?"

3. Learn how to deal with rejection

Being rejected is the day-to-day life of a founder. In enterprise sales in startups it can come even more frequently and direct. There some tricks you can apply to handle such situations better and persuade your prospect.

4. Sell first, build second

Start approaching customer before you have even built a product is the best way to validate the market and the assumptions you made as a founder. 5. Create some sales habits - and commit to it Anybody who has done enterprise sales in startups before knows that consistency is the key to success. Create some daily sales habits and execute to see longterm results.


Speakers: Florian Eberhardt: Founder of StartYourSales:


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