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How to talk

to customers


Learn Customer Development with

Rob Fitzpatrick, author of the Mom Test.

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Learn the craft of asking good questions

You can't just talk to customers. You need to talk to customers properly. It is about how you ask the questions, how you frame the meeting and how you write your email.


Successful Customer Development is a craft that needs to be practiced. In this Playbook Rob Fitzpatrick is sharing his most important lessons learned from his 10 years of building companies and talking to users. 

Learn how to talk to customers properly

Five full video classes with wisdom on customer development, sales, cold outreach and much more with Rob Fitzpatrick.


All his tips & tricks

in short form, easy. 

Our video classes are built on the science of Micro-Learning to deliver knowledge in bite-sized digestible form to help you retain more.


Rob Fitzpatrick

Rob has been an entrepreneur for 10 years, running both bootstrapped and VC-backed companies. He's a YCombinator alum (summer ‘07), has raised funding in the US and UK, and has built products used globally by brands like Sony and MTV.

He's a programmer who was forced - like so many others - into a customer-facing role at his first company. And while he knew he was supposed to talk to customers, none of the books about sales or Customer Development seemed to help him figure out how to actually do it properly.

He wrote the book The Mom Test as that missing handbook which is now used as a core part of the curriculum at universities like Harvard and UCL, EU startup accelerators like Seedcamp and Microsoft Ventures, and businesses like Shopify and Pact Coffee.


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